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Bronx 80 years anniversary.

The Bronx Group celebrates its 80 years anniversary

2020 marks an incredible milestone for the Bronx Group, it is our 80th year of continuous trading. Since opening our UK business in 1940, Bronx has built up its extensive experience and engineering knowledge to become an acclaimed and leading specialist in coil coating and coil finishing lines.

Eighty years on, Bronx has seen a number of changes, both within the markets in which we operate, and with regard to our overall approach on how we service those markets, all the while finding a niche in providing tailored coil processing solutions.

With a Global presence, Bronx is proud to be represented in Australia, Russia/CIS, the Americas, The United Kingdom and Europe.

Our extensive reference list includes 35 galvanising lines. 45 coil coating lines and over 600 coil finishing lines and associated equipment globally.

As we strive forward in these challenging times, it is Bronx’s flexible, solution-driven development and customer-centric approach which continues our success in attracting our valued clients.


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