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Bronx Compact Line Case Study

*** Bronx article for Modern Metals Magazine, December 2022

Compact coil coating lines can be customized for a wide variety of facilities and applications

Traditionally, coil coating is associated with massive process lines producing high volumes and requiring large infrastructure. Coil coating wasn’t considered to be good business for an average metal processing operation because it always seemed easier to purchase pre-painted steel or use a toll coater service.

However, this is gradually changing, and The Bronx Group is witnessing a shift across different global markets: companies are learning that coil coating no longer requires high production equipment and large sites. Moreover, the equipment builder has seen a significant increase in the number of metal processors that are considering installing their own coil coating lines.

What drives such changes?

As a matter of fact, many roll forming companies have battled the problem of having to carry large stock levels of coil, which ties up a lot of cash that could be spent more profitably. Many companies might feel constrained by their reliance and service from larger mills and coil coaters or because of the need to carry undesirable inventories to maintain rapid turnaround as part of its customer service.

After extensive analysis, The Bronx Group came up with a solution to address this issue so that smaller companies could break into the coil coating industry, control their production, and provide greater opportunities for their business. The company’s research has resulted in a family of line designs that can be installed in buildings with clearance as low as 5 meters (16.4 feet), without excavating looping pits, and with minimal additional foundations. Thus, Bronx Warehouse Lines can be installed in former warehouses, providing its customers with flexibility and a competitive advantage.

Many companies around the world have already experienced all the benefits of Bronx Warehouse lines and shared their experiences.

Building materials

A large precoated steel processor produced a wide range of final products such as gutter systems, roofing materials, corrugated sheets and sandwich panels. Obviously, such a broad product range required a lot of feedstock, pre-painted metals of different thickness, with different coatings and paint colors.

Apart from the problem of long lead times—one example would be six to eight weeks with a mininum order of 20 tons for special products—the processor had a surplus of leftover coils in storage every year. Having done simple calculations, this client made a decision to optimize its production process by installing a Bronx Warehouse line.

The line that was installed is a single-pass coil coating line capable of producing up to 60,000 tons per year of pre-painted steel and aluminum. The line works with all existing coatings; polyester, Polyester Mat, PVDF, Plastisol, polyurethane and even pattern coating.

The equipment includes two gas ovens and two coaters: S-Wrap for primer and U-Wrap for finishing. The U-wrap configuration with two top coating heads  provide for quick color/paint changes without stopping the line. Optional equipment like a Bronx paint embosser, rotogravure roll assembly and plastic film applicator were selected to value add to this client’s finished products.

List of benefits

The Bronx Warehouse line allowed this customer to manage timely responses to non-standard orders from its own clients, producing metal with special coatings within a minimal period of time. The backward integration resulted in a better production control.

A quick-change Bronx U-wrap coater allowed the company to broaden its color palette from 40 up to 213 RALs (RAL is Europe’s standardized color matching system).

The production optimization means that the company can now produce desired amounts of pre-painted coils without freezing money in feedstock and without losing funds in scrap and leftover coils.

In general, the company’s strategic decision to install a Bronx Warehouse Line generated significant performance within the markets it serves.

Fit bit

Bronx Warehouse Lines start at less than 60 meters (197 feet) long and fit in spaces where ceilings reach only 16 feet.. The equipment builder works closely with every client, engineering the line to meet all customer requirements offering options of gas/infrared ovens, factory floor and mezzanine designs, and more.

All Bronx lines come complete with technology know-how transfer, operator training, laboratory equipment and special operating tools, ensuring all customers’ requirements are covered.

The Bronx Group has installed its warehouse lines, which are successfully operating in Hungary, Australia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Russia, Belarus, Nigeria and Kenya.

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