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Bronx Launch Another Compact Coil Coating Line

Bronx International recently installed a compact colour coating line for its customer – Belpanel Company, in Belgorod, Russia. The compact line appealed to Belpanel, because of its modular design for quick, low cost installation and reduced building infrastructure costs.

The line installed has Bronx’s own specially designed gas convection (catenary) oven and oxidiser system, supplied by its sister company’s (Bronx Engineering Ltd) UK Division, Bronx Thermal, UK and is a specially designed oven, with rapid adjustment technology, allowing the line to be slowed down without impact on curing of the coating and final product quality.


Designed with the Compact philosophy in mind, the oven is supplied pre-assembled and containerised and operates in conjunction with a recuperative oxidiser and heat recovery system to heat cleaning and rinse tanks, further reducing the lines operating costs.

Belpanel trades its colour-coated material under the SELTON brand. Belpanel is a recognised leader in the supply of fireproof sandwich panels based on Ecosafe mineral wool boards under the trademark IZOVOL. The facing layers for these sandwich panels are profiled galvanized or painted steel.

Belpanel’s sandwich panels are divided in two types, according to the design – wall and roof panels. In both instances colour coated material was being purchased  and stocked at their facility to ensure they could both manage their production needs and meet customer delivery expectations.

Like many similar companies, this led to longer than desired lead times, stock levels and reliance of quality of sourced material. Hearing about the latest Warehouse Line offered by Bronx, they became driven by the desire to own and operate their own colour coating line to avoid these issues on their business and provide them with an advantage over their competition.

Belpanel’s interest in this concept of line was hightened when they realised that pattern coated coil (a growth product in Russia) could also be produced on this line using technology offered by Bronx.

The Belpanel Line also includes Bronx’s unique Quick-Change U Wrap Coater, supporting production of the highest quality PVDF, High Build PU coatings and other speciality coatings.

The basic specification of the Compact Line is:

Type Gauge Width (mm) 0.14 – 0.80 (Steel) 0.30 – 1.20 (Aluminium)
Max Speed (m/min) Prime: 40mpm Prime: 40mpm
Output (tpa) @ 5400 Hrs 22,500tpa

A further Compact Line has recently been delivered to Belarus and a higher capacity single pass Modular Line is under installation in Uzbekistan and another in-build for Russia. This concept is growing in popularity, redefining the coil coating industry and has led Bronx to also offering the following additional modules that can be added to its range of lines:

  • Gas or IR oven options
  • Compact S Wrap, Full Size S Wrap and U Warp Quick-Change coaters (suitable for 3 roll heads and pattern coating)
  • Entry pre-cleaning sections and double uncoilers
  • Higher Line speed option, up to 40 mpm finish coating and capacity up to 60,000 tpa
  • Wider Lines up to 1600mm wide
  • Special finishes, pattern coating, paint embossing (plastisols), strippable plastic films and permanent laminations
  • Metal Embossing and ink jet printing (logo’s and company names)
  • Option for single pass on flat floor or with mezzanine to suit building length or height

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