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Bronx Precision Leveller for High Strength Materials

Bronx Engineering, UK recently supplied a new Precision Leveller for High Strength Materials.

Bronx Engineering received an order from a steel processer in the West Midlands for a new 17 roll Precision Leveller to process high strength materials to be used in automotive and structural applications. The new machine replaces an existing machine in a press feed line and improves the flatness quality of metal strip allowing further laser profiling and forming operations to perform to a higher standard of accuracy demanded by the automotive sector. Bronx engineers supervised the installation and commissioning of the machine once it was delivered to site, ensuring a quick re-start to full production following a brief summer shutdown period to carry out the installation.

Over the last 60 years, Bronx have supplied more than 500 Precision Levelling machines worldwide to improve strip flatness. Strip received directly from the rolling mill can have inherent shape defects as a result of rolling which need to be removed before further cutting and forming operations are performed to the required accuracy. This machine includes the latest Bronx Auto Pre-set System ensuring high quality results are achieved consistently.

During the last 10 years, Bronx have refined their technology to meet the needs of todays markets and have focussed on the special requirements of the automotive steel industry making Bronx the ideal partner for projects in this field worldwide. In 2010, Bronx won the Black Country Chamber of Commerce Award for Export for business success in countries such as India, Russia and South Africa.

Bronx are committed to continuous improvement and are investing in further development in machines to improve flatness in strip metal products through a knowledge transfer programme with Wolverhampton University. A research paper was recently presented at an international seminar in Aachen, Germany.

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