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Bronx Print Technology Pattern Coating

Bronx Print Technology Pattern CoatingBronx Print Technology pattern coating for coil coating lines. Bronx ‘Brick’, ‘Stone’, ‘Pine’ and ‘Golden oak’ patterns are unique Bronx patterns. Bronx have successfully finished commissioning 4 new and unique gravure rolls and a quick ink dryer upgrade for its customer in Uzbekistan. The Colour Coating Line was recently installed by Bronx for Steel Technology with the customer wanting to create a niche market in pattern coating. Bronx ‘Brick’, ‘Stone’, ‘Pine’ and ‘Golden oak’ patterns were designed and created for its customer.

The unique patterns developed for ‘Bronx Brick’ and ‘Bronx Stone’ are outstanding in the clarity of design and 3D appearance using only 2 colours. “This affect  is exceptional given that this is usually only achieved with 3 or more colours”, said Joe Parkinson, Paint Technologist for Bronx International.


General specifications of the line include:

  • Accumulator Capacity 133 sec @ 30 mt/min
  • Line Speed
    • Entry Section 50 mpm
    • Process Section 30 mpm
    • Exit Section 50 mpm
  • Strip Thickness and Width
    • Steel 0.14 mm – 0.80 mm
    • Aluminium 0.3 mm – 1.2 mm
    • Width 600 mm – 1250 mm

Bronx Print Technology Pattern Coating

All designs are produced to be a 4 layered coating system, with primer, base coat, ink and clear coat.

Special Quick Dry Inks have been used to be able to produce the whole system in just 2 passes. The Bronx U Wrap Coater has been redesigned to incorporate ‘Quick Pass’ pattern coating.

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