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Bronx Tezcan Galvaniz Colour Coating Line

Bronx International has successfully commissioned its latest continuous Coil Coating Line during March 2016 for its customer, Tezcan Galvaniz in Turkey.

This is the 4th Colour Coating Line supplied and commissioned by Bronx International for Tezcan Galvaniz.


Bronx International Tezcan Galvaniz LineIt is a Two Oven, Single Pass 150 m/min coating line with thickness capability of 0.25mm to 1.2mm for steel, up to 1300 mm wide and capable of producing 200,000tpa.

The line produces prime colour coated coils with paints such as Polyesters, PVDF, Plastisol, Acrylics, etc. and has 120 seconds of accumulator storage capacity.
This line has an S Wrap Prime Coater and two Finish Coaters; one on the ground level and the other on a Mezzanine Level which allows for Quick Colour Change without stopping the line. Applied paints, once cured are covered with a plastic film, provided by a Bronx cold film applicator. The line is designed to take finished painted coils from 2.5 tonnes to 13 tonnes coil.

Installation of Bronx’s high speed colour coating line was managed and commissioned by our Site Management and Production Technology Team.

Bronx has proudly supported Tezcan Galvaniz since 1998 and wish them continued success in the years ahead.


Download  Bronx Colour Coating Lines Brochures for  High Speed:  Bronx Conventional Colour Coating Line Flyer (pdf)  Warehouse: Warehouse Colour Coating Lines    and  Bronx Pattern Coating Flyer (pdf)




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