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About Bronx

Bronx History – 1940 – 2020 – Celebrating 80 years in business

The Bronx Group has a rich history, from its humble beginnings and then growth in the 60s and 70s all the way up to the present day. We are very proud of our history which spans 80 years!

The Bronx Group of Companies – The Bronx Brand

1940 – Bronx Engineering was founded in Lye, West Midlands of England by two English engineers, Bryan Crosthwaite and John Folkes.

The “Bronx” name was born after Bryan Crosthwaite visited the Bronx, in New York, USA. Looking for a name for his new company he felt that “Bronx” offered a strong, resilient name that would suit his business well.

Hence, the Bronx Brand was born.

Bronx initially manufactured iron stoves. During the 1940s, Bronx produced roll benders, guillotines, shears, bar and tube straighteners, spade and hoe mills and then moved into press brakes (from 1945) for which it became a world leader.

Bronx UK Spade Mill Bronx UK Tube Straightener Bronx UK Edging Line

1950s – 1960s

During the 1950s and 60s, the emergence of service centres in the UK prompted Bronx to develop process lines, initially with a local customer base, for shears and guillotines.

As its reputation for cut to length lines grew, the business, technology and Bronx’s reputation developed, resulting in over 300 lines being supplied worldwide to date.

A complimentary range of slitting lines was also developed in conjunction with the growing demand for cut to length and service centre equipment. This also provided significant business volumes with over 200 lines supplied to date.

Bronx UK Slitting Line Bronx UK early management Bronx UK - Old Works 150pc


1970s – 1980s

1970 – First Continuous Colour Coating Line built. For Kockums Jernverk, Sweden.

1973 – Bronx Engineering UK and an American Company Taylor – Wilson establish a co-licensing agreement to access new markets and to better use each other’s technology (Tube and Bar products).

1975 – First Continuous Galvanising Line built at Federal Iron Works, Malaysia

1989 – Bronx International (Australia) Pty Ltd founded to service the Asian markets.

1990s – 2020

2001 – Bronx/Taylor Wilson was formed, acquiring assets from Taylor-Wilson and Bronx Engineering Tube and Bar. Bronx Engineering and Bronx/Taylor Wilson continue to liaise with each other for spares parts sales.

2001 – Bronx Engineering Pty Ltd South Africa is opened as a subsidiary of Bronx Engineering UK

2011 –  Bronx Process Technologies, s.r.o,  the manufacturing facility of The Bronx Group is established in Slovakia

2013 – Bronx Thermal Solutions established to manage the manufacturing of thermal equipment from Bronx Process Technologies, s.r.o. Slovakia.

2015 – The Bronx Group celebrates 75 years in business.

2020 – The Bronx Group celebrates 80 years in business.

Bronx Engineering

Bronx Engineering is recognised around the world as a market leader in the design and supply of coil processing lines and equipment.

Bronx Engineering is located in the West Midlands – the heart of England. Bronx Engineering have been supplying equipment to customers ‘worldwide’ for over 60 years and have earned the reputation for innovative technology, robust designs and reliable service with low maintenance costs.

Bronx Engineering started out 80 years ago and created a company that has stood the test of time. Bronx prides itself on building machines which are built to last.

Our vision is to continue to be a company that supports its customers, long after the equipment has been shipped, commissioned and producing quality product. – Kevin Homer – Operations Director

Bronx International

Bronx International is an Australian-based company providing Coil Coating Line Solutions to steel and aluminium companies to all corners of the globe. Our core products are Continuous Coil Colour Coating Lines and Continuous Coil Galvanising Lines.

Bronx International has a global reference list for coil process lines that produce high quality product for Whitegoods, Architectural, Building and Construction markets.

Bronx exports up to 98% of its products worldwide. 70% of its business comes from repeat customers.

“Maintaining a strong customer focus has ensured that our customers continue to purchase the Bronx Brand. Our customers know that we are not just an equipment supplier, we are there to support them long term”.

   – Neil Jones, Managing Director

The  Bronx Group manufactures its equipment through its company Bronx Process Technologies, s.r.o., in Slovakia, ensuring European quality and workmanship.

Bronx_Colour_Coating_Line bronx_coil_coating_line_turkey Bronx-Galvanizing-Line Bronx_Pattern_Coating_Woodgrain

Bronx Process Technologies, s.r.o.

Bronx Process Technologies, s.r.o. is a subsidiary of Bronx International. Due to increased demand for its quality equipment, Bronx expanded its manufacturing division of the company.

Bronx International chose Slovakia, located in Central Europe due to its historical reputation as an engineering and manufacturing hub for excellence.

Bronx Process Technologies, s.r.o. continues to grow and expand.

post-4 post-3 post-2

Bronx Thermal Solutions

In May 2013 the Bronx Group set up Bronx Thermal Solutions  in the UK to develop thermal technologies for its coating business. Products in the Bronx Thermal Solutions range include:

  • Paint Curing and Chemical Drying and Ovens
  • Recuperative and Regenerative Oxidisers
  • Heat Recovery Systems
  • Coil Cleaning and Pre-treatment Sections
  • Strip Cooling Sections

Bronx Thermal Solutions will not only continue to support and develop products for the Bronx Group of Companies, but also undertake similar thermal projects for 3rd party clients.


The Bronx  Group of companies has a global reputation for supplying high quality coil processing lines. Here are extracts from testimonials received from our customers.

“Our paint line is now operational and producing great quality material. Bronx has met our high expectations and we would strongly recommend them to any company that wants to work in partnership with a professional team”. SB – Deputy Director – Russian Customer

“We knew the quality of their (Bronx) machinery would achieve the high quality standard required for the Turkish and export markets”. EP – General Manager – Turkish Customer

“We take this opportunity to acknowledge the professionalism of Bronx International in delivering another project of quality equipment and service. The transfer of operator training and production technology was 1st class resulting in prime product from the very first coil”. MZE – Plant Manager – Central America

Through the years, Bronx has delivered quality machinery, engineering design and has excelled in training and onboarding new operators. We look forward to the future and the innovations yet to come.

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