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Bronx’s Daria Nielsen interviewed at Galvanised and Painted Rolled Products

Recently, our Regional Sales and Marketing Manager in Russia/CIS Daria Nielsen, attended the Galvanised and Painted Rolled Products Conference in Moscow. Daria was interviewed at the conference, sharing her thoughts on the industry and its struggles during the pandemic.



The situation with closed borders around the world clearly demonstrated how important it is for leading manufacturers and suppliers of metallurgical equipment to have full-fledged representative offices in Russia. Daria Nielsen, Regional Sales and Marketing Manager at The Bronx Group, spoke about how The Bronx Group, traditionally participating in Metal-Expo exhibitions, survived a difficult period.


2020 was a difficult year for all industries and all people across the globe. All Bronx offices were made to work remotely due to COVID-19 restrictions and quarantine rules. Fortunately our team were kept busy during the period. Our team has also collaborated more and held together more strongly which is a credit to their work ethic and determination.

Within the Russia/CIS region we hope to announce some interesting projects soon, and are looking forward to participating at Metal Expo in 2021.

The interview was published across a number of sites including MetalExpo, Metal Sales and Supply and others;


See the transcript below:

0:00 (Interviewer)

The Coronavirus pandemic and closed borders all around the world showed how important it is for equipment suppliers to establish local representation within Russia, either having sales offices or manufacturing facilities. If not for this, the Russian market, which accounts for almost 1/6 of the world’s territory, could have been lost. The Bronx Group, based in distant Australia, is a company which had prepared in advance for the challenges in the Russian market. Daria, how did Bronx manage throughout the year of COVID-19? What’s new? What can you say about last year from a sales perspective?

0:48 (Daria Nielsen) Last year was really difficult for everyone. The Bronx Group is an international company; we have offices in Australia, the UK, representation in the USA and Russia and a manufacturing facility in Slovakia. Last spring just like everyone else, we all were going through lockdown, working remotely from our homes. However, we had work, I can say that even nowadays there are companies with planned investments, which have projects under review and are going on to purchase equipment. That is why we are always busy and have things to work on.


1:30 What are your expectations of this year? Are there any projects which you plan to realize?


1:38 Yes. For us Russia and CIS is our target market and as I have already mentioned we are in close contact with some local companies and we hope to announce new projects soon.


1:51 The Bronx Group have been participating in MetalExpo for many years. Why? How does it help you to promote your equipment in the market?


2:03 Metal Expo is a unique opportunity to meet everyone in one place: existing customers, partners, competitors and new clients of course. Everyone meets each other during Metal Week in Moscow and shares news. And you know, we talked to some clients of ours (already after the lines were installed) and they confessed that they got to know Bronx for the first time at Metal Expo. Sometimes people come to our booth with fake names but later when they really start working on a project they contact us and we move forward together. So, it really works, several clients were introduced to Bronx thanks to MetalExpo.


2:55 Can you share how many Bronx lines are installed in Russia and CIS?


2:59 It is difficult to say from the top of my head, but more than 10 for sure, 12-13 maybe.


3:09 We wish you good luck! And what are you going to present at the tradeshow this year?


3:11 Thank you very much. This year the exhibition moves to new expo grounds, we move together with it. As usual we will present our equipment at Metal Expo. However, the world develops, new technologies appear, for example Digital printing which allows to apply decorative coating to the strip. So, we will keep surprising our clients!


3:36 Thanks, Daria, and see you at Krasnaya Presnya!

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