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Colour Coating Line Turkey

A Turkish Dilemma – How Bronx Group Provided a Solution to Quality Match

A bit of background:

A customer in Turkey within the building and construction industry has been operating a composite panel production line in Istanbul. Their success and growth in demand led to a recent expansion including a second composite panel line and a Bronx Continuous Coil Coating Line to produce their own colour coated coil.

  • Composite panel production involves extrusion of a layer of polyethylene between two skins of light gauge colour coated aluminium strip.
  • The resultant panels covering lengthy spans are quite strong and capable of self-support.
  • Signs and facades are the main end uses, dictating that the surface is free of any defects like dents and paint imperfections.

The Challenge:

Our customer had previously sourced high quality feedstock for the production and their desire was to ensure the painted product coming off a new coil coating line could match the quality that they and their customers had come to expect. To this end, they chose Bronx to be their supplier of choice, based on our long history in the industry, our quality equipment and flexibility in line design and scope of supply.

Bronx commissioned a 1600mm wide colour coating line, designed to process from 0.2mm to 0.8mm thick aluminium at speeds up to 40mpm. Bronx were able to supply the high quality required and train their line operators and support staff who had little or no experience in the coil coating field.

The Result:

Following completion, production was able to move from relatively simple polyester and fluorocarbon (PVDF) paint systems in plain colours to the far more demanding metallic pigmented polyesters and fluorocarbon. These latter paint systems, especially the fluorocarbon, are regarded in the industry as being difficult to apply because the metallic pigments create special application requirements. Additionally, because the surface has a resultant high lustre, the smallest of paint imperfections are readily seen.

Working in partnership with the customer, Bronx has been able to commission the line and tackle these high quality systems to meet the customer’s own high expectations.

Bronx is now working with the customer to install equipment on this line to produce patterned coatings, equivalent to those previously imported from Europe.

Bronx Colour Coating Line, Turkey

Bronx Colour Coating Line, Turkey

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