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Coil Coating Line Uzbekistan

Bronx Launches New Design Modular Coil Coating Line into Uzbekistan

Bronx has successfully commissioned its latest continuous coil modular paint coating line during November 2014 for its customer in Uzbekistan.

It is a Single Pass 30m/min coating line with thickness capability of 0.14mm to 0.8mm for steel and up to 1250mm wide, and producing approximately 40,000 tonnes per annum annual capacity.

The line includes a double uncoiler and a pre-cleaning section prior to the entry accumulator, specifically to cater for this particular market condition where the feedstock is generally heavily oiled.

The line includes Bronx’s own specially designed gas convection (catenary) oven, supplied by its sister company Bronx Thermal Technologies Ltd, UK. These ovens are designed to fit a standard 40 foot container and arrive pre-assembled and tested to reduce installation and commissioning time.

The Finish Coater is a Bronx designed U Wrap Coater. This unique design allows for quick colour changes with no line stoppages. Located on floor level, paint handling and changes are quick and efficient with all heads paint loaded within the same coater room.

Another feature of the line is a cold plastic (strippable) film applicator at the exit section of the line. This unit incorporates automatic film tensioning and spreading, ensuring an even, well distributed covering.

The unit has the capability to pre-slit the film at the unwind mandrel allowing non-standard widths to be processed from a standard width film; removing the need to carry excessive inventories of film widths.


Photo: Bronx Plastic Film Applicator and U Wrap Coater

Photo: Bronx Plastic Film Applicator and U Wrap Coater


Modular Lines have also been installed in Kenya, Nigeria (x 2), Russia (x 2) and Belarus.

As part of ongoing development, additional features are available such as:

  • Pattern Coating
  • Paint and Metal Embossing
  • Aluminium Painting
  • Laminating
  • Gas or Electric Infra-red ovens
  • Thermal and Regenerative Oxidisers
  • Floor level only or Mezzanine design (to suit building space available)

Like all Bronx Lines they are supplied with a full technology and training package, international warranty, product and equipment guarantee, and supported by a business that has operated since 1940 with a long list of repeat customers in over 25 countries.

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