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Colour Coating Line Argentina: A Bronx Engineered Solution

A bit of background…

A customer in Argentina had been experiencing very healthy sales in painted steel coils and needed to quickly upgrade the capacity of their single oven (double pass) colour coating line to meet current market demand.


The company had a dual-pronged request: to install equipment to destroy the VOC’s associated with the painting process and introduce a fuel efficient system, as well as improving the issue of minor discoloration they were experiencing on their high gloss white appliance product. They requested our expertise in why this was occurring as well as how to resolve it whilst being practical, cost-effective and minimizing disruptions.


Our first task was to form a working partnership with our customer to ensure all relevant information and experiences were tabled. Soon after, our engineers prepared a preliminary layout ready for approval, ensuring equipment, services and auxiliary items could be installed within the available space.

The equipment and services included a custom built ‘S’ Wrap 3 Roll Head Coater Machine, thermal system including 2 ovens (one indirectly heated), oxidizer & heat recovery, quench tank, bridles, steering rolls, mezzanine floor modifications, site engineers (installation & commissioning), project management, services engineering and our technology team.

To allow operation of the existing colour coating line while the modifications and installations were being implemented, a carefully detailed project schedule was put in place. Consultation with the customer was most critical, to ensure disruptions to production were minimal.


The customer was very pleased when the first coil run was prime product. Bronx had met the customer’s expectations and most importantly the product produced from the line was of the highest quality. The discolouration on the high gloss white was eliminated thanks to the expertise of our Technology team recommending and implementing operational changes within the process.

The customer is extremely happy with the result of both the high gloss product and the completed project.


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