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Continuous Coil Paint Line Mexico: A Bronx Engineered Solution

A bit of background:

A large, high profile steel processing company possessed a plant in Mexico. The plant included two large galvanizing lines as well as two continuous coil paint lines.


The client however was aware that the demand for painted coil product was on the rise. They wanted to boost their production but without outlaying too much capital to bridge the gap between supply and demand. Bronx was approached to engineer a solution which would not only boost their capacity and production ability, but for an economical price.


Bronx installed a complete, 3 coat paint line system into one of their large, high speed galvanizing lines. Uncoated, cold rolled steel coils are now fed into the entry end of the line and galvanized, fully pre-treated, primed and finish coat painted product is produced off the line.

The added painting section can be run in series with the galvanizing section to produce a very high quality painted product, or the painting section can be by-passed to produce just a galvanized product. The painting section has quick change coater capability for both the primer paint and the top coat paint.


The increased output of value added painted products from the galvanizing line has given the company a significant economic benefit, as the cost structure of producing painted product on the galvanizing line is extremely attractive. By combining these processes, it saves time as well as reduces cost. This strategy looks to be on the rise in coming years as it is more cost-effective and helps maintain a competitive edge.


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