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Bronx Organisation

The Bronx Organisation is a privately owned company called The Bronx Group Pty Limited.

Bronx was founded in 1940, with seventy five years of continuous trading. The Bronx Group  is made up of the following companies: Bronx International Pty Ltd, Bronx Engineering Ltd  and Bronx Process Technologies s.r.o.

Bronx is an established global supplier of quality engineered products including Coil Coating Lines, Organic Coating Lines, Cut to Length Lines , Tension Levelling and Precision Levellers, Thermal Oxidisers, Coil Coating Ovens, Thermal Upgrades and Thermal Audits. All line equipment is designed ‘in house’, with Australian / United Kingdom designs and European manufacturing. Bronx operates globally and has a high level of repeat business, which is due to our customers’ confidence in the quality of equipment and training given.

Complete process and line production know-how transfer, including product testing and quality control  is conducted at the customers premises. Specialist Bronx Production Technologists provide extensive and formalised training, including classroom and on line.

With Bronx you are assured of ongoing Engineering, After Sales Service and Customer Relationship support. The Bronx team are highly motivated and dedicated to working with its customers, with most staff having been with Bronx, between ten and thirty years.

Bronx takes care of its customers, long after the line is installed. Product Training and Know-How, Manuals and After Sales Spares and services are part of our professional service to our customers.

With over 75 years of experience you can be assured of quality, reliability and ongoing support.