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The Bronx Group has been providing coil processing solutions across the globe for over sixty years. By offering the total package, from bespoke equipment design and supply, technology and process knowledge, through to assistance in market planning, we drive long-term value for our customers and clients. Our Galvanising and Colour Coating Lines are operating in over 45 countries. With an extensive reference list worldwide, including 30 Galvanizing Lines and 45 Colour Coating Lines, our reputation for repeatedly producing the highest-quality lines is the reason our customers choose Bronx. Our unparalleled, global experience and engineering expertise provides us with the flexibility and know-how to supply process lines and equipment, tailored to the needs of our customers.

Galvanising Lines

Bronx International supplies both Non-Oxidising Furnace (NOF) and Wet Flux continuous galvanising lines, all producing a high quality product for many applications.

Both zinc and zinc / aluminium coating lines are offered. Bronx has been manufacturing galvanising lines since 1975 and has over thirty references world wide. The galvanising experience and expertise gained over this time allows Bronx to offer cost effective process lines from 40,000 tpa.

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Colour Coating Lines

Bronx International has been manufacturing Coil Colour Coating Lines since 1970 and has over 45 references worldwide. We supply a range of coil coating lines from entry level stop / start lines through to fully continuous high speed lines.

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Metal Coil Embossing Machinery

Metal Coil Embossing Machines from The Bronx Group and metal embossing rolls from Standex International Limited creates the perfect synergy for quality, workmanship and design.

The Bronx Group have recently entered into an agreement with Standex International Limited (2019) for the world wide supply of Bronx metal embossing machines incorporating engraved embossing rolls from Standex.

Customers can have the peace of mind that in purchasing a Bronx embossing machine they are benefiting from decades of experience in the design and build of coil processing equipment, coupled with the quality and expertise offered by an industry leading roll manufacturer.

 Coil Finishing Lines including:

  • Precision Levellers
  • Cut to Length Lines
  • Slitting Lines
  • Coil Packaging Lines
  • Automotive Steel Recoiling Lines and Inspection Lines

The Satellite Concept

The Satellite concept is a unique coating line designed to work with a Continuous Galvanising Line. All Bronx Colour Coating lines can be configured for Satellite operation. Satellite reduces the line equipment required by removal of the cleaning and pre-treatment sections. The pre-treatment function is carried out at the exit end of a galvanising line, prior to the coil entering the Satellite Colour Coating Line.

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Bronx Thermal Solutions

Bronx Thermal Solutions manufacture Paint Curing Ovens and Oxidisers for the Bronx range of Compact and Modular Paint Lines.

The main products included in the Bronx Thermal Solutions range are:-

  • Paint Curing and Chemical Drying Ovens
  • Recuperative and Regenerative Oxidisers
  • Heat Recovery Systems
  • Coil Cleaning and Pre-treatment Sections
  • Strip cooling Sections

Agency Lines

Bronx Process Technologies s.r.o.  (a subsidiary of Bronx International) is a distributor for a number of highly-regarded products used in the coil processing industry. DJH Designs, Inc is a market leader in design and supply of precision machines used for quality control and increased productivity in the coil processing industry. These include: the Strip-lok™ Portable Strip Joiner; Crater Dry Film Build Thickness Measurement System; Mek Rub Test Machine and ‘DJH view’ Digital Imaging & Measurement Software.

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