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Bronx Process Technologies s.r.o. Slovakia

Bronx Process Technologies s.r.o. Slovakia is part of the The Bronx Group of Companies (Bronx International, Bronx Engineering, Bronx Thermal Solutions) which have over 50 years of experience and references for its Coil Processing Lines in nearly 40 countries across 5 continents. Due to increased demand for its quality equipment, Bronx has expanded its manufacturing division of the company.

Bronx Process Technologies was established in 2011 in Slovakia because of its strong reputation as an engineering and manufacturing centre of excellence.

Bronx Process Technologies s.r.o. works with a number of high quality Slovakian fabrication and machining companies with long established trading histories and all ISO9001:2015 approved. The internal quality control systems of these companies are enhanced by Bronx International’s own specific quality system, ensuring the final product produced meets a wide range of quality and performance standards for which Bronx International has obtained a reputation of exceeding its customers’ expectations.

Bronx Process Technologies s.r.o. is located in Kosice, Slovakia. The objective of its team is to ensure all aspects of quality are met and delivery periods are maintained.

Bronx Process Technologies manufacture unique designs for high quality products and continuous coating lines. Bronx design engineers research and develop innovative products with detailed technical specifications. All products are engineered to comply with applicable testing and quality standards, optimizing design performance to deliver the best possible products.

Bronx Process Technologies manufacture:

  • Uncoilers and Recoilers
  • Strip Joiners
  • Tension Levellers
  • Paint and Chemical Coaters
  • Strip Cleaning Technology
  • Coating – painting, galvanizing, chemical coating
  • Hydraulic , pneumatic and electrical assembling
  • Upgrades
  • Thermal Ovens and Oxidisers
  • Electrical Control Systems
  • Supervision and technical support for foreigner customers
  • Sub-Contract Manufacture and Procurement
  • Export Packing and Shipping

The team at Bronx Process Technologies is highly skilled and educated. Professionals who can problem solve and who are passionate about their work. They have many years of experiences in the production, electrical or design sphere.