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Coil Pattern Coating

Coil Pattern Coating Developments

Coil_Pattern_Coating_BronxCoil Pattern Coating is one of the latest Research and Development Programs that Bronx International has been developing. Its coil pattern coating technology is called ‘Bronx Print’. Whilst there are several different production techniques for pattern coating, ‘Bronx Print’ uses a Rotogravue Roll process, as this can be readily integrated into new lines or retrofitted to existing coating technology at much lower costs than alternative processes, whilst still providing equivalent quality products.

Coil pattern coating provides an opportunity for companies to bring new designs to the market and differentiate themselves from their competitors. Bronx’s most popular design proves to be the wood grain finish, however, other designs are continually being developed; such as brick, stone and cloud.

“We find that customers are becoming more highly focused on ways to develop their businesses and differentiate themselves from their competitors. Pattern coating of painted coil is fast becoming the differentiator they are seeking”, said Alan Roberts, International Sales Manager for Bronx International.

The offset rotogravure patterning process involves applying ink to the engraved roll, wiping excess ink from the surface of the roll and into the pattern with a doctor blade. The pattern is then transferred to a conventional polyurethane applicator roll, which then transfers the pattern to the strip (which has had a base colour coat already applied to it).

A clear protective coating is applied over the ink pattern. Dependent on whether primer is required under the base coat, this process is either a double or single pass through the line.

Fundamental to the success of this printing process is the precise positioning of the specialty engineered doctor blade. With careful consideration of roll pressures and speeds, the resultant pattern gives remarkable definition, clarity and realistic shading of patterns, such as wood grain, brick and stone.

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