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Galvanizing Line, Malaysia


Our customer in Malaysia (FIW)  wanted to upgrade their existing Galvanizing Line with roll coating technology, to apply passivation to the finished product. Further to this, the customer proposed to include a second coater machine to apply a resin product to the finished galvanized product.

Bronx was contacted to discuss the most practical, cost effective and least disruptive solution.

What soon became apparent was the available space to fit the equipment in, with standard off the shelf products and technology. We had less than 11 metres to work with. A horizontal solution was not an option.


As an existing customer, we had a healthy working relationship which was important when looking to include new technology and product development for this one off project.

The equipment included 2 off custom built Vertical Coater Machines, Gas Fired Infra Red Drying Technology, strip cooling (prior to top turn roll) to quench the high drying temperature of the resin coating, 3 level mezzanine floor, numerous pinch and deflector rolls, electrical system, and the services of our site engineers (installation and commissioning), project management, service engineering and the Bronx technology team.

To prevent a lengthy shutdown of the existing line while the modifications and installations were being implemented, a carefully detailed project schedule was put in place. Input from the client was most critical as disruptions to production were to be minimal.


It was very pleasing to announce successful commissioning of the upgrade earlier this year. The coater machines were performing to the highest standard and most importantly drying temperatures were being met.

The Gas Fired Infra Red Dryer included section burner control. This control was a critical part of the process when various cross sections and PMT temperatures were being produced.

The customer is extremely happy with the result of the completed project.


FIW Chemical Coaters, Malaysia

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