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Heavy Gauge Leveller UK: A Bronx Engineered Solution

A bit of background…

A company based in the UK was in possession of a Heavy Gauge Leveller. However after many years of use, it required a refurbishment in order to bring it back to full operational capacity.


Additional to the slowing down, the company had also started to experience increased demand for mill processed plate steel; which made it crucial for the work to be completed to the highest standards.


The company commissioned Bronx Engineering Ltd to undertake this refurbishment, based on being a market leader in coil processing lines and equipment for over 60 years. They took the Heavy Gauge Leveller offline and within three months, the Leveller was refurbished and at optimal efficiency. Bronx Engineering installed newly manufactured parts, rather than repair existing components. Bronx also installed a new digital measuring system, which will be integrated into their consignment system and software, so that customers can track their steel from order through to delivery, including during the manufacturing process.


Due to this refurbishment, they can now produce fully flattened sheets. Their investment has restored the Heavy Gauge Leveller to its original 5.0mm capacity, giving them the ability to enter the light plate market, when they have the opportunity or when an existing customer requires these services. This refurbishment allows them to offer their customers more options.

As part of our service, we provided a week’s Operator training, during the week of recommissioning.

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