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Bronx Thermal Solutions

Bronx Thermal Solutions is an initiative of The Bronx Group of Companies. Chris Baldwin (Ex Rimara and SAS) was appointed in November, 2013 as Group Thermal Engineer.

Chris has extensive experience in the Coil Coating industry along with other thermal related industries. Chris Baldwin has over 4 years of experience working directly for Bronx International as the company’s Thermal Engineer, developing a range of products which were integrated into traditional Bronx International Coating Lines.

Products developed over this time included Paint Curing Ovens and Oxidisers for the Bronx International range of Compact and Modular Paint Lines. Current projects using technology developed by Chris Baldwin are in various stages of manufacture, installation or commissioning within Russia and CIS countries.

Bronx Thermal  will not only continue to support and develop products for the Bronx Group of Companies, but also undertake similar thermal projects for 3rd party clients. Already Chris has secured contracts with independent European based Coil Coaters.

The main products included in the Bronx Thermal Solutions  range are:-

  • Paint Curing and Chemcial Drying Ovens
  • Recuperative and Regenerative Oxidisers
  • Heat Recovery Systems
  • Coil Cleaning and Pre-treatment Sections
  • Strip cooling Sections



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