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Roll On Passivation

Bronx_Roll_on_PassivationAfter galvanising & cooling, a chemical, usually chromic based, is applied to both sides of the strip to prevent the coating losing its bright finish.

Bronx have developed a Passivation Coater that rolls on a protective passivant coating.

This system offers significant benefits over other methods such as spray & dunk tanks:

  • Reduced cost of chemical due to the control over coating thickness
  • Zero pollution as all the chemical goes on the strip

The Bronx Passivation Coater System can form part of a new line or can easily be retrofitted to most existing galvanising lines.

Bronx has developed business agreements with key chemical suppliers and this relationship allows Bronx to provide significant product guarantees to the end customer.

The Bronx guarantee gives the customer strong assurances their product will fully meet the required specifications and guarantee customer satisfaction.


Coil Coating Lines and Galvanising Lines are our specialty.

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