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Tension Leveller for Galvanising Line Asia: A Bronx Engineered Solution

A bit of background…

Bronx has installed 4 Coil Galvanising Lines for its customer in Asia to supply galvanised coil to their local market. The customer then decided it wanted to build a new Continuous Galvanising Line to service export market sales. They were having difficulties obtaining higher quality flat strip to meet export market standards and realised they needed to find a solution to their problem.


After consultation and discussions with the customer, Bronx installed a Tension Leveller in their new Bronx Dual Coating Line which has the ability of producing Galvanising and Galvalume roofing sheets. The function of the Tension Leveller is used to even the strip whilst under tension. Tension levelling is an effective method of ensuring a good quality, flat strip through a wide range of products. This Tension leveller installed comprises a fabricated steel structure with levelling screws and incorporates a No.1 Work Roll Cassette, a No. 2 Work roll Cassette, a No. 1 De-curving Cassette and a No. 2 De-curving Cassette. A support roll is fitted to the entry and exit end of the machine at the pass line height to assist in supporting the strip as it enters and leaves the machine. The following are the details of the strip that is being processed by a Bronx supplied Tension Leveller.

0.12 – 0.6mm​

Material Processed

Steel Strip

 Steel Strip
Yield Strength Nominal 170mPa (annealed strip) 550mPa (full hard strip)
Strip Thickness 0.12 – 0.6mm  0.12 – 0.6mm
Strip Width 600 – 1250mm  600 – 1250mm
Line speed (maximum) 120mpm  120mpm


Bronx offered a total end-of-line automation for the tension leveller, with a complete flexible and unique solution for mechanical design, controls engineering, pre-assembling, testing, installation and commissioning. By pre-testing in-house, this saved valuable time for the customer, resulting in a faster commissioning of the tension leveller. The installation of the Tension Leveller resulted in a high quality strip required by their export customers.

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