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Turkey Coating Line Up-grade into Domestic Appliance Market

After months of planning and preparation Tata Colors in Turkey is now in full scale production supplying new products into the domestic appliance market sector.

Bronx were awarded the contract to strip out key equipment from the line at Tafarnaubach South Wales, carryout extensive refurbishment including designing in new enhanced features, project management and re configuring the existing process line necessary for the appliance goods.

This involved installation of a Chrome Free Chemical Coater and Drying Oven, Prime and Finish Paint Coating Machines, Laminator and Cooling System, extensive mezzanine structure to house some of the new equipment and new electrical control system.

In all 14 trucks were shipped to Turkey, with the work starting on the 24th April and back in production on the 2nd June, this was a huge undertaking with successful collaboration with Tata staff and a local installation company.

Tata Turkey has expanded their current product portfolio to include supplying the domestic appliance market sector quality goods.




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