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Bronx Galvanising Lines for Abul Khair Steel

Abul Khair Steel engaged Bronx for two Galvanising Lines, which have recently been successfully commissioned. Bronx have installed the following:

  • Dual Pot Galvanising Line for Zinc and Alu-Zinc
  • A Heavy Gauge Galvanising Line for Zinc

These two coating lines are the 5th and 6th Galvanising Lines installed at Abul Khair Steel by Bronx International. Bronx has a long-standing relationship with Abul Khair Group since 2000 and are proud to be their supplier of choice.

No. 5 Dual Pot Galvanising Line

Abul Khair Steel (part of the Abul Khair Group) is a privately-owned steel company and one of the leading steel producers in Bangladesh. They have a well-diversified product range, producing Cold Rolled Coil, Galvanised and Colour Coated Coil and Sheet.  The Colour Coating Line was supplied by Bronx in 2010.

Abul Khair Steel has now extended their production capacity further with the addition of a Bronx Dual coating line for Zinc and Alu-zinc coating. this line is capable of producing 100,000 tonnes per annum. Abul Khair Steel already successfully produces galvanised and coated product from Bronx built machinery, (including 5 NOF lines, a Wet Flux  Galvanising Line and a 120 m / min Colour Coated line).

The new state of the art NOF Galvanising Line  has a capacity to produce thicknesses ranging from 0.12 mm to 0.6 mm thick for Zinc coating and 0.2 mm to 0.6 mm for Alu-zinc coating with strip widths from 600 mm to 1250 mm and process speeds up to 150 m /min. Input feed comes from Abul Khair’s Cold Rolling Complex.  High market demand for their product is being met by operating the line 24/7 and 365 days a year.

The dual-coating ceramic pot incorporates induction heating and has been specially developed for ultra thin gauge production. Bronx, along with the pot supplier have engineered the inductor capacity for reducing bottom dross, increasing the inductor life and improving heat distribution. This has resulted in a considerably higher quality of product.

Bronx coating control equipment is being used to create a homogeneous low coating weight product, as required by Abul Khair Steel. The zinc galvanising process has been designed to produce a high-quality large spangle product, which is highly sought after in this market. An organic coating is then applied to the strip which is dried with infra-red, prior to recoiling on a 20 tonnes recoiler.

No. 6 Heavy Gauge Line in Bangladesh

The Bronx Heavy Gauge zinc coating galvanising line is capable of producing 200,000 tonnes per annum. The new line has a capacity to produce thicknesses ranging from 0.2 mm to 1.5 mm and strip widths from 600 mm to 1250 mm, with a maximum process speed of 120 m /min.

The Bronx designed Stainless Steel Pot and Pot Furnace incorporates indirect heating and has been especially developed for maximum fuel efficiency. Bronx has designed the pot furnace for improved heat distribution, resulting in a considerable increased pot life.





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