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U Wrap Quick Change Coater

U Wrap Quick Change Coaters

The Bronx ‘U’ Wrap Coater is a Quick Colour Change Coater. The coating machine has two painting heads for the top side of the strip (also a bottom head for the underside of the strip). Whilst one head is painting the strip, the second head is being made ready for the next colour.

When it’s time to change paint colour, the first head is retracted off the strip and the second head (with a different colour) is applied onto the strip. This eliminates the costly ‘down-time’ associated with changing paint (as the line does not need to stop). Once the second head is painting, the operator can now change the paint on the first head and make it ready for another different colour, all while the line remains running continuously.

Bronx Quick Change Coaters  save time and money. No stopping the line, you can see how quickly the whole process is, in the video below.

Bronx can retrofit to your existing line or it can form part of your new coating line.


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