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Union Galvasteel

Bronx International Provides Quality Coaters to Union Galvasteel, Philippines

Union Galvasteel in Real, Calamba City, Laguna late last year received board approval to carry out innovative modifications to their existing Galvanising Line to convert it into a Colour Coating Line.

Competition with regional sources of imported galvanised coils, mainly from China and ASEAN were beginning to impact on their business. They knew their biggest advantage would be selling their finished roll formed product, produced from their very own painted coils.

The idea to convert the Galvanising Line to a Colour Coating Line was the brainchild of the President – Mr Arthur M Florendo. The company knew that this was a very important decision for the long term future of their business; to make their own painted product, and for that reason wanted their customers to know it would be a first class quality painted product.

Union Galvasteel needed a known supplier of quality coaters,  so for this reason turned to Bronx for both the Prime (S Wrap) and Finish (U Wrap Quick Change Coater) Coaters.

In this instance, the Bronx S Wrap Coater is used as the Prime Coater and after careful consideration and further discussion with the Bronx Team they chose the U Wrap Coater for its Quick Colour Change ability and its ability to be adapted to include pattern coating, a requirement of Union Galvasteel.

The principle behind the U Wrap Coater is that while one top head is painting, the second top head can be prepared with the next paint system to be used. The amount of non coated material associated with a quick change system is small,  approximately 1 -3 metres.


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