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Warehouse Continuous Coil Line Nigeria: A Bronx Engineered Solution

A bit of background…

A customer in Nigeria with  their own Roll Forming and Distribution Factory was supplying both painted and unpainted embossed sheet for the building industry, however was reliant on upstream suppliers to paint and emboss the aluminium coils. The price of having coils painted and embossed elsewhere was high and guarantee of supply was often not met. Product quality was not always consistently high and rejections meant lost sales opportunities.


The customer was looking to improve product quality and boost sales. An added constraint was that an existing building was originally built to install future Roll Forming Lines. The building was less than 100 metres (330 feet)  in length with minimum head height, 5.5 metres (<20 feet). Bronx was able to offer one of our standard ‘Warehouse’ Paint Lines which have been specifically configured for such scenarios.


Our customer resolved to install their own Paint and Embossing Line, as they could then control the quality and variety as well as shorten lead times. Bronx supplied a Continuous Coil Paint Line with in-line embossing. This allowed the customer to purchase coils of maximum size and efficiently paint and emboss these with short turn-around time. Bronx took on the task of on-boarding all operators and engineers on all aspects of line operation, as well as providing on-site technical support to ensure optimal operations.


Our customer is now able to significantly reduce his stock level of coils and can respond to short lead time requirements very efficiently. He has employed local people to operate his line with the support of Bronx Technology. The painted and embossed coils have been roll-formed and sold into the market with some excellent results. This has enabled our customer to become a reliable, on-time supplier of superior quality product with the flexibility to accommodate market demands quickly and efficiently. His cost structure for the roofing industry has been significantly reduced making his total operation much more profitable.


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