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Coil Embossing Lines

Metal Coil Embossing Machines from The Bronx Group and metal embossing rolls from Standex International Limited creates the perfect synergy for quality, workmanship and design.

The Bronx Group’s agreement with Standex International Limited  (2019) for the world wide supply of Bronx metal embossing machines incorporating engraved embossing rolls from Standex has given our customers an advantage over their competitors.

Customers have the peace of mind that in purchasing a Bronx embossing machine they are benefiting from decades of experience in the design and build of coil processing equipment, coupled with the quality and expertise offered by an industry leading roll manufacturer.

Q & A

What is Embossing?

Embossing involves passing the coil through heavy duty engraved rolls to create an imprint in the metal. Embossing can be carried out after painting the substrate without damaging the paint. Designs like wood grain and leather grain can give the appearance of wood or leather but with the durability of metal.

How many designs are there?

The rolls produced for a Bronx Embossing unit can be any design you choose. There are limitless possibilities for typical designs and for creating a design unique to your company’s needs.

What is the purpose of Embossing?

Standex metal engraved rolls and Bronx Embossing Equipment are precision designed and engineered to offer an array of patterns and strength to the substrate, increasing rigidity and reducing coil waste. (Rejected steel can be reprocessed into prime stock by embossing the material).

Create a niche product with any variety of patterns or bespoke designs. Metal embossing provides interesting effects and extra character to the finished product.

How is embossing carried out?

Unlike the embossing carried out on plastisols, the base metal is embossed completely (the metal is actually deformed). The purpose of this embossing is less about visual appearance and is more about increasing the strength and stiffness of the base metal, such that lighter gauge material can be used.

What metals can I emboss?

Embossing can be carried out on the following materials:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminium
  • Steel

How do you supply embossing machinery?

  • Coil to Coil Embossing Line – Bronx can supply a coil to coil embossing line, complete with Standex metal embossing rolls.
  • Stand Alone – Bronx can supply a stand alone embossing machine which can be supplied and fitted into a Roll Forming, Slitting or Cut to Length Line.


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