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Galvanising Lines

The Bronx Group is a leading supplier of both Non-Oxidising Furnace (NOF) and Wet Flux continuous galvanising lines, all producing a high quality product for construction and appliance applications.

Offering both zinc and zinc/aluminium coating lines, the Bronx Group has been designing and manufacturing galvanising lines since 1970. With over thirty-six (36) references world wide, we have amassed a wealth of experience and expertise, which allows us to offer cost-effective process lines.


Benefits of a Bronx Galvanising Line

All Bronx galvanising lines offer the following benefits to our customers:

  • Bronx designed and manufactured strip transport.
  • Bronx designed and manufactured air knives and pot equipment with fully motorised adjustment and feedback monitoring, guaranteeing low coating weights and rapid return on investment.
  • Full training package for operators and production personnel by the Bronx Technology Department.
  • Supervision of installation and commissioning by qualified Bronx engineers.
  • Post commissioning support.
  • All technology, training and post commissioning support is provided by Bronx staff, with many years combined experience as managers and operators of galvanising lines.


Standard Specifications – Continuous Galvanising Lines


NOF Lines*

Wet Flux Lines

 Strip Width  Up to 1550mm (49.21″)  Up to 1550mm (49.21″)
Process Speed  Up to 185mpm
(607 ft/min) (max)
 Up to 120mpm
( 394ft/min) (max)
Thickness Range  Up to 2.0mm (0.0630″)  0.09mm – 1.5mm (0.0236″ – 0.0590″)
Thermal Capacity  Up to 50tph
(49.2 imperial tph)
  Up to 20tph
(19.6 imperial tph)
Typical Capacity  100,000 – 400,000tpa
(98,000 – 345,000 imperial tpa)
 40,000 – 150,000tpa
(9,200 – 98,400 imperial tpa)

*For GI, HTC/Annealing & Zn/Al

Note: GI – Galvanised Iron, HTC – Heat to Coat, Zn/Al – Zinc Aluminium


NOF Galvanising Lines

Bronx supplies NOF (Non-Oxidising Furnace) galvanising lines capable of applying both Zinc and Zinc / Aluminium coatings. Depending on the coating and process, the following grades can be produced on Bronx Process Lines: FH, CQ, DQ,  non-exposed selected automotive grade.


Benefits of Bronx NOF Galvanising Lines
  • Horizontal, L-shape and Vertical Furnaces to suit your factory layout and production requirements.
  • Options for Ceramic Induction heated pots or Stainless Steel with gas or electrical heating.
  • Guaranteed quality product.
  • Production Know-How and Training package included.
  • Post commissioning support for operation and technology is provided.
  • Bronx expertise in thin strip galvanising.


Wet Flux Galvanising Lines

Bronx has been designing and building Wet Flux Galvanising Lines since 1974. The Bronx modified Wet Flux Tight Coat Technology, developed over this period provides a product of “Guaranteed Lock-Form Quality”, with a surface appearance comparable to product off NOF galvanising lines.


Benefits of Bronx Wet Flux Tight Coat  Galvanising Lines
  • Guaranteed Lock-Form quality.
  • High quality surface finish suitable for post painting.
  • Production know-how, training and post-commissioning support included.
  • Stop-start operation, providing economical running costs.
  • Modified Flux process results in “Top Dross”.
  • Lines capable of product down to 0.09mm (0.0236″) thickness.

Bronx offers many optional items and equipment enhancements that provide:

  • Greater productivity
  • Reduced operator interface
  • Better process control

Some of these include:

  • Auto coil loading, strip tracking and monitoring
  • Double shears with auto crop
  • Optional overlap, limited overlap, butt welders
  • Dual pot systems
  • Aluminium analysing/metallography
  • Horizontal, S-Wrap and Vertical Coaters
  • On-line inspection
  • Exit coil handling and transport systems


Galvanising  and Coil Coating Lines are our specialty. Talk to our experts today. Contact us