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The Satellite Concept


The Satellite Concept is a unique coating line designed to work with a Continuous Galvanising Line. All Bronx Colour Coating lines can be configured for Satellite operation. The Satellite Concept reduces the line equipment required on a colour coating line by removing the cleaning and pretreatment sections. The pretreatment function is carried out at the exit end of a galvanising line, prior to the coil entering the Satellite Colour Coating Line.

Bronx can modify the galvanising line to offer suitably pretreated material for subsequent colour coating on a Satellite line. This modification involves adding a chemical coater and dryer to the exit section of the galvanising line. Many coater and dryer options exist to accommodate your line layout. These include horizontal, vertical (space saving), quick change (for multiple coatings) with S Wrap, C Wrap and U Wrap available. Drying of the coating can be by gas, electric (IR or Induction) and UV.

Bronx International has applied this concept on lines in Nigeria, Turkey, Russia, Singapore, Australia and Kenya, in small stop-start line configuration through to larger continuous lines at 60mpm (197ft/min).

 Benefits of The Satellite Concept in a Colour Coating Line

  • Lower energy use
  • No chemical use
  • High prime product yield
  • No effluent produced
  • Low capital investment
  • Lower labour content
  • Operators require minimal technical skills
  • Lower maintenance
  • Shorter line length
  • Uses gas convection oven or electric Infra Red (IR) oven
  • Line options from 10,000 to 150,000 tpa of steel (9,850-147,000 imperial tpa)
  • Configured for 2 or 3 coat systems

Product Guarantee

By working closely with major paint and chemical suppliers, Bronx guarantees the following parameters on all colour coating lines.

  • Paint characteristics of final product
  • Oven curing
  • Paint applications
  • Pretreatment (applied in galvanising line)
  • Strip transportation

Download: Bronx Satellite Line


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