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iBronx Capabilities


How smart is your process line?

Bronx is industry 4.0 ready. As we enter the fourth industrial revolution, companies are recognising the need to broaden and deepen their understanding of digital technologies and its use.

Bronx has been working diligently with its customers to develop and implement tailored digital manufacturing strategies.

Every process line requires machinery to work at its best if you want to deliver high quality products and iBronx will help our customers achieve machinery peak performance.

iBronx is a new development in digital technology that makes it possible to gather and analyse data across our machinery, enabling flexible, faster and more efficient processes that will transform your business. The use of predictive maintenance enables more flexible, faster and efficient processes, which save money and ensure downtime is limited.

iBronx and your business

    • Simple, easy to use technology
    • Predictive maintenance system. System collects data from the line and generates prompts for maintenance tasks based on our maintenance manuals
    • 3D interactive models of equipment. These models show parts of the machine in detail. You can select the item, and if this item is eligible, then maintenance details can be observed in a pop-up window
    • Maintenance manuals in Russian and English with photos are available for maintenance purposes
    • Drawing and equipment manuals are also available in the iBronx 4.0 system
    • Navigation tabs allow you to simply jump between machines. Quick search is available as per line sections, job names
    • Each machine has a QR code, from which the platform can scan and give all the relevant information about that machine
    • 3D models allow personnel to assess work to be undertaken without stopping the line from running, thus maximising productivity
    • Environmentally sound. All maintenance manuals are stored on the device, helping you move towards a paperless workspace
    • Contacting Bronx or ordering spare parts through the iBronx steamlines communication
    • Bronx Support page can be used for any request or question. It can be prepared with attachments and then can be sent to Bronx team.

Meet a Bronx client from Ukraine who already uses iBronx and has evaluated all the advantages of this system.

Partner with Bronx to explore the world of possibilities!

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