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Coil Coating Ovens

Coil Coating Ovens from Bronx Thermal Solutions  specialising in Catenary Convection Ovens for Coil Coating Lines. Catenary Convection Ovens are designed to use external bridles to tension the strip at both ends as it passes through the oven. The level of tension is controlled to maintain a pre-determined strip catenary position through the oven.

Because the strip is supported externally, the jet nozzles within a catenary convection oven only have a single function, which is, to provide the hot air jet that cures the coated surface of the strip. This allows the jet velocities to be selected to better suit paint surface finish quality.

Coil Coating Line Ovens Manufacture

Bronx Thermal Solutions have recently been individually designed and manufactured  for Bronx’s customers in Russia and Belarus. Bronx has provided a number of colour coating lines to Russia and CIS region and is a well known brand in the market for its quality coating lines. Bronx Process Technologies s.r.o. in Slovakia, manufacture our  ovens and oxidisers.

Thermal Upgrades

Thermal upgrades to your Oxidiser and / or Oven can be carried out by the Bronx Thermal team to ensure your systems are operating optimally. Recent upgrades on coil coating lines in the UK and Spain have ensured the coil coating lines run more efficiently. The team work with you to assess your requirements and provide the best solutions for your busiBronx Centenary Ovensness.

Thermal Audits – Colour Coating Lines

Bronx Thermal Solutions understand the importance of ensuring your coil coating line is performing at optimal levels. With increasing competition in the market, the need for an efficient, cost-effective solution to older systems is fast becoming the requirement for successful high-quality production and energy efficiency. Thermal audits can be arranged with the Bronx Thermal team.

Bronx offers a complete range of upgrade services for your thermal requirements. Our team can upgrade your existing equipment to ensure it operates efficiently and in line with current standards. Bronx can assist with optimising energy consumption and reducing emissions.

The Bronx Group of Companies has been providing Coil Coating Solutions since the 1970’s and has expert Paint and Galvanizing Technologists, Thermal Engineers and an After Sales Team to support your business.


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