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Bronx Tightcoat Wet Flux Galvanising System

Bronx’s worldwide success in offering solutions continues with the patented ‘Modified Wet Flux Technology’ developed in-house. The Bronx development program has resulted in a product that is a guaranteed ‘tight coat’. The product from a Bronx Wet Flux galvanising line also produces an excellent, smooth and shiny surface ideal for painting in continuous coil coating lines.

 Both the ‘tight coat’ and ‘paintability’ of the coating has been achieved through ongoing development of the process section and pot chemistry of Bronx lines.

Bronx’s success in their developments has produced a Modified Wet Flux Galvanising system which:

  • Produces a product with Zero T capability 
(Tight Coat)
  • Offers a surface that produces excellent results 
when painted in a coil processing line
  • Is simple and easy to operate
  • Offers a moderate capital cost
  • Can be used in a continuous or single shift mode, thus allowing markets to be established.

Within this range Bronx offers a number of standard designs specifically engineered to meet market requirements for building products and structural products.

Roofing Product Lines

Roofer – 0.12 mm – 0.8 mm (maximum) x 1250 mm 
This line is designed to produce thin strip for roofing and siding applications.

Construction Product Lines

Bronx offers standard lines capable of meeting the client’s needs for structural product applications:

  • Thickness – up to 1.5mm
  • Width – 1250mm
  • Tonnage – up to 150,000

Process Capacity

Bronx’s continuous development programs have resulted in pot capacities of up to 20 tonne/hour. Line speeds up to 120 mpm are available. Current developments are aimed at increasing pot capacities by a further 20% and line speeds on some lines by 25%.

Many Bronx lines are installed in regions where water is in short supply. Bronx has designed its Flux galvanising line to operate without a boiler. It is the first line built this way and offers significant cost reductions.


Coil Coating Lines and Galvanising Lines are our specialty.

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