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Bronx Precision Levelling Technology

How flat is your metal?

Perfectly flat strip is essential to achieve the best results in coil coating and roll forming processes.

The Bronx Group has been supplying Precision Levellers to customers worldwide for years and has the know- how and expertise to improve the quality and flatness of your coil, removing coil set, wavy edges, central buckle and other shape defects left after the rolling process.

Bronx Precision Levellers ensure the metal strip elongates and removes residual stress after being subjected to a series of reverse bends around a number of work rolls.

Whether you work with hot and/or cold rolled strip, aluminium, coated or stainless steel,  Bronx is proud to offer you a solution which will meet your requirements.

Download the Bronx Precision Levellers brochure to get more information about our technology

Bronx Precision Leveller Brochure


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