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New technologies as a tool to add value to your coil

At this year’s MetalExpo 2021 in Moscow, The Bronx Group and its partners held a workshop dedicated to the latest technologies in the coil coating industry

Our guests learnt how to reduce consumption of paints by up to 10% with Specmetrix coating measurement tools as well as how to decrease amount of claims from end customers, as well as controlling the coating process 24/7.

Greg Frisby speaking about SpecMetrix measurement systems. Photo by Metal Sales and Supply.

The second part of the workshop was dedicated to decorative coatings which are becoming more popular every year in the industry.

Our partner, engraved rolls manufacturer, Standex, delivered a presentation about the possibilities of embossed metal, which doesn’t only make a product visually attractive, but also increases the metal’s rigidity and reduces scrap. For example, some Bronx clients use 0.45 mm embossed metal for garage doors production, instead of 0.75 mm ordinary plain strip, reducing costs while also maintaining product quality.

Currently, the buzz-talk of the market is digital printing. Digital modules from IQDemi can easily be integrated into Bronx lines, creating limitless possibilities for metal processors and end users.


Additionally, Bronx was delighted to have a special guest -, Ivan Antimonov, representative of Severstal – who spoke about the possibilities of on-line platforms for effective project realization.

While our Australian team members were unable to attend MetalExpo due to Covid restrictions, the Bronx Group’s CEO Neil Jones, addressed our Russian clients and partners, expressing appreciation for their active participation in the workshop:

“Bronx not only sell and manufacture equipment but shares with the customers its unprecedented experience from over 50 years in the coil coating industry. We hope that the Bronx workshop provided our audience with valuable information which will be used for production and cost efficiency optimization in their businesses.”

Thank you once again to our presenters and guests, and we look forward to continuing to serve the region.

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